1.  Who is a member? A member is someone who has a faith-based ministry, business or nonprofit, speaker, singer/musician, author, etc… A woman who has a business who would like to help grow God’s kingdom and someone who wants to have a global influence and partner with other women.
    2.  What is YFJ and who is it for? YFJ in a nonprofit 501(c)3. YFJ exists for all women who want to learn about and or grow in their faith.
    3. How Can I become a member? It’s a simple application process and a small fee. Find out more on our membership page.
    4. What are the Member Benefits?
    5. How do I know what my gifts are? We use simple tools to help you discover and define your gifts and have opportunities and options to work with a coach. We also offer classes specific to this topic. Email us to find out more.
    6. I would like to learn more about Volunteer Opportunities – we will highlight opportunities to volunteer locally, nationally and globally.
    7. I would like to be a part of the YFJ Team? Join our Team – We’re growing! Submit a request to join our team
    8. Something Else? Interested in learning more about YFJ? Sharing your gifts with us?
    9. How do I Submit a Prayer Request? Include link (this will go to Elle & Gretchen)